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Warren Pumps has been very successful in extending the life expectancy of our products by approaching each pump repair with the same engineering expertise and manufacturing know-how that goes into each new pump we build. 

Sophisticated inspection procedures access the current condition of the pump and a staff of manufacturing and product engineers reviews the findings to determine the most cost-effective repair for the customer. In many cases, we look at the pumps current use, to see if the application has changed dramatically. This sometimes uncovers reasons why the pump doesn’t perform adequately or enables us to utilize alternate repair techniques.

Repair Overview

An evaluation of all dimensional aspects with particular emphasis on the following key areas.

  • Bore Alignment

  • Perpendicularity of Mating Surfaces

  • Center Distance of Bores

  • Bore Diameter and Surface Finish

  • A computer assisted coordinate measuring machine is used to obtain the orientation of these dimensions and most importantly the relationship they have to each other. This is an important assessment often missed by other repair shops who fail to understand the importance of tolerance “stack-up” and its effect on pump operation.

  • Warren, where possible, will salvage bodies using existing repair techniques. This is accomplished by calculating the pump performance with oversized bores or in conjunction with oversized rotating elements. When this option is not possible, the bodies will be evaluated to see if the bores could be plated with industrial hard chrome back to original dimensions.

Gear Housings, Bearing Brackets, Front Heads
A similar evaluation will be performed on these parts to insure that the same key dimensional features are maintained. The importance of bearing bore alignment, perpendicularity of mating surfaces and center distances are just as critical on these parts as it is on the body.

  • Usually the repairability/usability of these parts is very likely, therefore, minimizing the cost impact of the complete repair.

Rotating Element
The rotating screws of these pumps may be repairable due to recent developments at our repair facility. Warren would review the following key features of the rotor and determine if it is repairable.

  • Run-out based on bearing points.

  • Coating fusion.

  • Outside diameter readings.

  • Flank and root clearances.

The pumps would be assembled to factory standards utilizing new gaskets, oil seals, fasteners and mechanical seals, where required.

  • In some instances we have customers send their key maintenance personnel to witness our assembly and testing.

  • We have found this a valuable experience for personnel who routinely deal with our pumps. If this is not possible, Warren could have a field service technician visit your facilities and build a pump on site after it has been repaired at Warren.

As added insurance that the pump has been repaired to “as new” condition, Warren tests each pump that is repaired for the following:

  • Hydrostatic Integrity.

  • Mechanical Seal Performance.

  • Mechanical Soundness Test – Pump

  • Hydraulic Performance Test.

This is a feature that few rebuild shops are capable of doing.

How the Repair Process Works

Step 1

Customer contacts the Warren factory and provides the following:

  • Serial Number.

  • Model No.

  • Nature of the problem.

  • Interest in a factory rebuild.

Step 2

Warren issues a Return Goods Authorization Number.

Step 3

The customer issues a purchase order to cover the disassembly, cleaning and inspection of the pump. This is normally covered by a modest inspection charge that is decided on at the time the Return Goods Authorization Number is assigned.

Step 4

The unit is returned to the Warren factory for evaluation.

Step 5

Warren proceeds to evaluate the pump and provides a detailed inspection report along with a fixed price proposal to overhaul the unit.

Step 6

The customer modifies the existing purchase order or issues a new purchase order to cover the repair.

Step 7

Work commences in accordance with the purchase order instructions.

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