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Warren Pumps is a member of Circor.

The core of the CIRCOR management philosophy is the CIRCOR Operating System (COS), a disciplined strategic planning and execution methodology designed to achieve world class excellence in customer satisfaction.  The basic principles of COS include:

  • Adhering to a philosophy of continuous improvement in quality, delivery, cost and growth;

  • Utilizing the technique of policy deployment to achieve and sustain world class results;

  • Hiring people with high integrity, who are results oriented and excel in a team environment;

  • Analyzing performance against world class benchmarks; and

  • Recognizing that profitability can be obtained only by achieving the best possible customer satisfaction.

CIRCOR International Brands
















The ALLWEILER brand name dates to 1860.  ALLWEILER offers a comprehensive range of screw, centrifugal, and progressive cavity pumps for a wide variety of applications.  ALLWEILER headquarters and main manufacturing operation is located in Radolfzell, Germany, with subsidiary operations located in Bottrop, Germany; and Stockholm, Sweden.  Click Here...

The Houttuin brand name dates to 1929.  Houttuin specializes in low-pressure two-screw technology.  Houttuin’s manufacturing operations are located in Utrecht, Netherlands. Click Here...

The IMO brand name dates to 1928.  IMO-Pump offers a wide range of screw and gear pumps with a broad range of applications. IMO-Pump headquarters and main manufacturing operation is located in Monroe, North Carolina, with a subsidiary operation in Columbia, Kentucky.  Click Here...

Lubrication Systems Company (LSC) designs, manufactures and installs centralized lubrication and oil purification systems for oil and gas refineries, petrochemical plants as well as the marine, pulp and paper and power generation industries. For major customers, LSC provides on-site technicians, component inventory and office/repair facilities.  LSC is ISO 9001:2000 certified and is headquartered in Houston, Texas.  Click Here...

Portland Valve is a prime contractor for the US Navy and a major subcontractor for all naval and private ship yards. Products include valves, actuators, components, sub-assemblies and fabrications, which are primarily installed on U.S. Navy ships. Portland Valve also serves markets that require close tolerance precision machining, welding and fabrication. Headquarters and manufacturing are located in a in South Portland, Maine.  Click Here...

With over three decades of experience Tushaco serves a wide range of industries.  Tushaco manufactures seven different types of rotary positive displacement pumps and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.  Click Here...

The Warren Pumps brand name dates to 1897.  Warren specializes in custom engineered two-screw and Naval/Marine pump technology. Warren Pumps headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Warren, Massachusetts. Click Here...

The Zenith brand name dates to 1926.  Specializing in a wide range of precision metering pumps, Zenith provides innovative solutions to meet many diversified applications using Chameleon Pump Technology.  Zenith's manufacturing facilities are located in Monroe, North Carolina with representatives throughout the world. Click Here...

Located in the small New England village of Warren, Massachusetts, Warren Pumps has been an integral part of the Warren community since it began operations in 1897.  The Town of Warren itself has a long history of pump manufacturing dating back to the 1790's.  While many changes have taken place over the past 100 years, one thing has remained a constant, Warren Pumps' commitment to excellence. Every pump that leaves the Warren Pumps factory is made with the most modern materials by the most technologically-advanced methods.


Today Warren Pumps remains on the forefront in the development of pump technology both in materials, pump applications and testing.  Warren Pumps are located throughout the world in a variety of markets.  (Image Gallery).

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