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What Makes a Warren Repair Different?

Warren specializes in the rebuild and overhaul of the High Density Thick Stock Pumps (Series 2600) consistently delivering pumps that operate longer at a significant cost savings to you.  All pumps are rebuilt to OEM standards.  A typical repair includes:

  • Careful evaluation and replacement of all components affecting mechanical durability and reliability

  • Restoring proper clearances

  • Assuring correct rotor alignment

  • Using computer welding robots to precisely renew worn rotor surfaces

  • Applying new generation coatings to rotors for longer life

All this adds up to a repaired pump that operates smoothly from the beginning without hot bearings or failure to make tonnage.

Pumps rebuilt by Warren are retrofitted with the latest improvements, unavailable from competition including our unequaled Quimby compound screw profile and a new shaft sealing arrangement to eliminate leakage.

Custom Designed Repair

Warren can custom design a repair program specifically for your mill, addressing the unique circumstances that you feel are important.  To learn more about our custom designed repair program contact a Warren factory Aftermarket Specialists.

Repair Guarantee

All repair work is agreed upon prior to start of the repair, giving you control of the amount of work done.  Warren backs all its repair work with a full 12 month guarantee.

Would you like to make a repair request Click Here

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