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Since the early 1900's, Warren has had a longstanding and distinguished history of manufacturing pumps pursuant to military specifications for the US Navy. During WWII, Warren played a significant role in turning over its entire plant to the production of naval pumps that were instrumental to the Navy's war effort. Many of the Navy ships built at this time were outfitted with Warren pump services that were essential to the Navy's success and sustaining life at sea. The Navy utilized Warren pumps to perform such functions as converting sea water to fresh water, fighting fires, cooling gun barrels, and, most importantly, powering its ships. Warren's service during WWII prompted the Secretary of the Navy, James Forrestal, to state in his 1943 letter presenting Warren with the prestigious Army-Navy E Award that, "[t]he high accomplishment of you men and women of the Warren Steam Pump Company is inspiring. Your record will be difficult to surpass.." Warren went on to win this coveted award in 1944 and 1945, as well. Warren's dedication to providing the Navy with pumps that met warfare's harsh conditions and rigorous demands was further recognized in 1981 when it became only the third company to be presented with a shipbuilding excellence award from the Navy's AEGIS program.

Today Warren continues its century old tradition of providing the Navy with pumps that are as diverse as the ships they are found on.


Warren Navy services include:


Main Condensate

CRP Hydraulic

Chilled Water


Lube Oil

Main Sea Water


Diesel Oil

Auxiliary Sea Water



Warren Advantages:

  • A wide variety of pump sizes and applications available

  • Choice of cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, inconel or titanium construction

Warren Aftermarket Support

Warren Pumps provides support for all of its pumps currently in the Fleet. We supply repair parts and trained service personnel to extend the efficient operation of all Warren Pumps, no matter how old or new.

Want to learn more about Warren’s Aftermarket Support- Click here.

Warren/Simsite® Composite Components

Warren Pumps was the first to receive approval to supply composite components to the U.S. Navy in accordance with NAVSEA drawing 803-7226047 and is the exclusive distributor for all Simsite products for the U.S. Navy. 

Warren provide composite components replacement parts include:

  • Impellers

  • Case and Lantern Rings

  • Shaft Sleeves

  • Throat Bushings

  • Fluid Lubricated Bearings

Warren can not only not provide service and parts for pumps manufactured by Warren, but also for any pump in the Fleet. 

Want to learn more about Warren Simsite Products- Click here

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