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High Density Series

Warren’s high-density pumps are extremely rugged and reliable, and are designed to develop high pressure with little or no vibration.  Conservative engineering in critical areas assures long-term reliability even in the demanding operation of pumping high consistency stocks.

The very successful concept of twin-intermeshing pump screws is continued in the new 2601 series.  The design changes that have been incorporated are directed specifically at making on-site repairs by mill personnel easier, faster, and more economical.

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  • Increased production capacity

  • Significantly lower operating costs

  • Routinely achieves consistencies of 14-16 percent 

  • Increased output through the bleach plant by as much as one-third or more, without increasing baseline production costs

  • Helps meet environmental regulations by dramatically reducing the usage of both water and bleaching chemicals

  • Water usage reduced by at least one-third, saving approximately 300 million gallons per year

  • Increased chemical consumption efficiency in the bleaching tower, reducing chemical costs by as much as $1 million per year

  • Reduces the horsepower required to pump thick stock by as much as 50 percent

  • Amount of steam required to heat the stock in the bleaching process is reduced , saving as much as $1.3 million per year per stage in energy costs

Specifications: (click to enlarge)

pulp&paperimg3.gif (59027 bytes)

pulp&paperimg2.gif (98285 bytes)


Warren high-density pumps handle all kinds of pulps: 

  • Kraft

  • Sulfate

  • NSSC

  • Sawdust

  • Groundwood

  • Wastepaper

  • Broke

  • Disc-wood

  • Refined Shives


Casing - The casing (body, front and rear brackets) is stainless steel.  The front and rear heads are cast iron.  All metal thickness are adequate for maximum Stress conditions – with an additional 3/8” corrosion allowance.  Body bores are hard surfaced to offset the erosive effect of the stock and to prevent the characteristic galling of austenitic stainless steels.

(click to enlarge)

The pump body is composed of three separable parts: front casing (discharge section), rear casing (suction section) and the main body (pressure generation section).  Thus, the pressure generation section, containing the body bores, can be replaced independently of the front and rear casings, resulting in substantial savings.

(click to enlarge)

Because pump bore wear often is concentrated at the top or bottom; the new three-piece body is designed to be rotated 180 degrees to compensate.  Air bleed ports are conveniently located at both top and bottom.

An added advantage of the three-piece body is that the discharge nozzle can be positioned on either the right or left side of the discharge section.  Mounting feet are cast on both sides of the body.  The suction section has two large clean-out holes.

Rotating Element - This is a screw type pump using two pumping screws and two auxiliary feeders mounted on the same shafts as the screws.  A discharge feeder is used on one shaft to achieve uniform, steady discharge of stock.  The shafts are protected from packing wear by hardened, tube-type sleeves that keyed and extended under the oil seals.  Stainless steel is used throughout.

Timing Gears – The two gears are precision cut, spur gears which are timed at the factory to maintain proper clearance between pumping screws.  They are SAE 8620 steel, carburized, hardened and ground.

Bearings – The four radial bearings are heavy-duty roller type, sized to handle any anticipated maximum load.  Both the bearings and the timing gears are lubricated by the splashing of the gears in a large oil reservoir.  The thrust bearings are a steep-angle, tapered roller type in a double roller design capable of carrying both the axial thrust and the radial loads.  To prevent excessive pre-loading of the thrust bearings, the separable cones are positioned with a factory-manufactured spacer.   The bearings are lubricated from an oil reservoir in the rear head.

Fabricated Bearing Brackets – Bearing brackets are fabricated from heavy steel rather than machined from castings.  This design allows the use of stainless steel in the area of the bracket in contact with the stock, while the rest of the bracket is standard steel.  The fabricated brackets have greatly enlarged areas for access to the glands and stuffing boxes for easy packing maintenance.

Seals – Double lip seals with opposed lips are used. The cavity between lips is grease filled to provide added insurance against water entering the seal areas.

Stuffing Boxes – The stuffing boxes are extra deep and are designed to minimize shaft sleeve and packing wear.  They are equipped with lantern rings.  Special porting permits water or other liquids to be introduced into the lantern ring to keep stock out of the packing area.  Each stuffing box has a replaceable throat bushing.  Glands are split for easy removal and better access to the packing.  Only two stuffing boxes are under discharge pressure.

Interchangeability – The 2601 series high-density stock pumps and their rotating elements are dimensionally interchangeable with the original Warren high-density pumps.

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